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mattie's people .....dolls with attitude!

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     the look.....the clothes....

     the hair.....the Attitude

mattie's peoplereflect your views...
your style...the people in your life. 
If you look real just might
catch a glimpse of your own likeness                ...or that of a relative, friend or co-worker.       
My individually crafted soft-sculpted dolls parade a sometimes quirky charm....that's why I call them
" dolls with Attitude!"

Each 18"-36" one-of-kind beauty is a carefully fashioned work of the people who inspire them.





   For a special gift with.....just the right amount of                    attitude.....spend some time hanging our with
mattie's people.

   If you see a doll that pleases you, phone or e-mail
   me for availability.

              Enjoy my little people!  And visit often.
              Newly created dolls will be added on
              a regular basis.

                                  Mattie. H. Eley