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mattie's people .....dolls with attitude!

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....about mattie

                                                                                 A few years ago,
I reti
red as president
of a na
recognized adult literacy

As I approached
retirement, I considered what to do
with the rest of my life. The prevailing                 
advice was to find something
that I was passionate about. 
Making mattie's people truly has fit
that category for me!  I didn't start this
venture as a full-time"after retirement"
career....only as an attempt to make a
few Christmas presents for my
grandchildren and nieces.  I now live
and breathe little people!  What started 
as a hobby has taken on a life of it's own.
Doll making has become my absolute passion!"


...about mattie's people

                 little people...with loads of attitude

                                18"- 36" Cloth Dolls

Recycled clothes, yarn, recycled buttons and jewelry are transformed into soft sculpted "little people" with unique personalities and styles.

Each doll with it's posture, facial expression, hair and accessories  tell its own personal story.



Thank you so much for showing us your beautiful collection of dolls.  I  still can not get over your creative mind to come up with such a collection.

Your dolls are exquisite and fantastic!

Your dolls are unique and original.  I think they are adorable.

I love the way you can personalize dolls.  They truly look like some of my relatives...and church ladies!